Fire Safety Services

Image:Fire Hydrant System
Fire Hydrant System

The system of pipelines directly connected to the main water supply to provide water to each and every hydrant component and is envisioned to provide water for the firefighters to fight a fire.

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Image:Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Sprinkler System

A Fire Sprinklers Systems is a method, comprising of a water supply system, providing suitable pressure and to a water distribution piping system, on top of which fire sprinklers are connected.

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Image:Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System

The system has a no. of devices that work together to sense and warn people through film and audio appliances in case of smoke, fire, or other emergencies that occur. Most fire alarm systems provide warning signals like sirens with different frequencies.

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Image:Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher

A Fire extinguisher is a product used to extinguish or control fire incidents that take place in small areas like rooms, kitchens, labs, homes, hotels, colleges, offices, parking, shops, malls, etc.

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Image:Consultancy and AMC Service
Consultancy and AMC Service

We provide Consultancy & AMC services for all kinds of commercial projects.

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Image:Fire Evacuation Plans
Fire Evacuation Plans

The written document contains the instructions taken in case of fire or incident related to fire by people in a building. In these plans, everything is mentioned previously. An eg which fire exit to be used and by how many persons at a time.

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Image:Fire Suppressions System
Fire Suppressions System

A fire suppression system is any product made to stop a fire from spreading. It works in suppressing the fire and the damage it may cause. Preventing the fire from spreading lessens losses and allows time for emergency personnel to respond.

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Image:VESDA Alarm System
VESDA Alarm System

VESDA Systems are aspirating smoke detection systems that are used in early warning applications where fire response is critical.

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