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Fire Sprinkler Contract System Services 

Fire Fighting Sprinkler system is a water distribution piping system by which water comes under given pressure to put out the fire. It is one of the fire fighting techniques that is used to prevent the fire from spreading and give immediate actions to suppress the fire from harm. These fire fighting equipment are used in commercial, industrial, residential buildings to keep the harm to its limit and secure the goods and people from being affected. Here are some of the kinds of fire sprinkler system that is used:

  • Wet Pipe Systems are the sprinklers that get activated when the sensor feels heat and opens up water for the situation.

  • Dry Pipe systems are kind of air systems that first release air then water reaches the nozzle after activation of the sprinkling of water. Dry pipes are generally used in cold areas where water freezes easily and the air is used to melt the ice and flow takes place.

  • Deluge sprinkler is used in residential buildings, schools, offices that senses smoke caused by some activity and then water flows heavily with an unpressurized system.

  • A pre-action sprinkler system is a set of wet and dry sprinkler systems which activates when fire action is detected easily.


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