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Image:Electrical Contracting Services
Electrical Contracting Services

The Electrical Contractor Services undertaken by us are highly recognized for easy installation and minimum maintenance. Numerous industries, including automobile, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, government, and many others, use our services.

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Image:Electrical Panel Services
Electrical Panel Services

The main distribution point is the electrical panel, which connects the service wire or service drop to the main wire coming in from the outside. Exit wires that split off to service different parts.

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Image:LT / HT Cable Laying
LT / HT Cable Laying

High tension (HT) and low tension (LT) cables are the terms used to describe these two types of cables. Rating: LT cables have a rating between 660 and 1100 volts, while HT cables have a rating greater than 3300 volts (33 kV).

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Image:Earthing Work
Earthing Work

Earthing work is done to protect you from an electric shock. It provides a path or a protective conductor for a fault current to flow to the earth. It also causes the protective device to switch off the electric current to the circuit that has the fault.

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Image:Networking Cable
Networking Cable

Networking cables are used to connect one network device to another network devices or to connect two or more computers to share printers, scanners, to communicate devices with each other etc.

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Image:Lighting Work
Lighting Work

Constantly lighting all of your shelf space can be a major energy drain. Motion-activated lights dim when not in use and glow brightly when anyone approaches. You save money, and the concentrated light beams make it easier for your coworkers to see.

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Image:Consultancy and AMC Work
Consultancy and AMC Work

We provide Consultancy & AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services for LV systems like Fire Alarm, Cctv, PAS & other services.

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Image:Point Wiring
Point Wiring

A method of connecting electronic components in a microphone, preamp, amplifier, or any other piece of gear by directly soldering each component to a tube pin, solder lug, or jack.

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Image:Cable Tray Installation
Cable Tray Installation

Cable Tray Installation is the process to carry wires in case of heights and laying them properly. It is also used to carry heavy and long wires from one place to another.

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