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Electric Fence Alarm Systems Services in India

Electric Fence is a barrier system that allows current to pass through it and give an electric shock to the person or animal that trespasses through it. Electric Fence carries a great value of voltage running through the wires; its amplification is kept low and harms when current is the same as voltage.

As per the security concern and area of application, electric fencing products can be classified for:

  • Residential Electric Fence systems are used for owners to secure their properties from burglary and to stop other invasions in their personal space.

  • Commercial Security Fences are used in commercial places such as industries, organizations so as not to compromise the effectiveness of security.

  • High-Security Electric Fence is used on certain sites that require a different kind of security for high standards. 

  • Animal control fence is used for managing animals to ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals and people.


Electric Fence Dealers & Traders in Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Secured Engineers is an authorized electric fence supplier and exporter in India and we provide electric fences at the best price in India. Our specialized team is well trained to install and provide service for equipping electric fences to keep the organizations secure from all kinds of intrusion.



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