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Minimizing Potential Threats

Seaport Solutions

  Seaport Solutions

As a foundation of the worldwide economy, seaports transport merchandise quickly and productively—however it places them high on the rundown of potential targets. The requirement for elevated security ought to be adjusted with the requirement for quick throughput, and that is the reason numerous seaports around the globe trust SEPL. For more tightly combination that permits you to work with law implementation and neighboring offices, we set the standard for seaports everywhere throughout the world.

  Government Compliance

Seaports are very controlled. Your framework must hold up to the exceptional examination of government and state administrative organizations. SEPL helps you feel great that your frameworks meet your consistence prerequisites. Our profoundly modern IP and simple cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and canny video examination help seaports secure checkpoint/screening regions and agree to government directions.

  Situational Awareness

In light of their physical area, seaports are to a great degree defenceless and request very complex innovations. SEPL's investigation capacities increment security and upgrade operational efficiencies to meet the hardest difficulties confronted by the busiest ports. SEPL's Radar Video Surveillance (RVS) framework gives you a chance to incorporate waterside radar with GPS and video information and help you react rapidly to potential dangers.

  Inspecting and Reporting

Port powers can burn through several hours reacting to evaluator solicitations to demonstrate consistence with strict government, state and nearby directions. SEPL offers finish security arrangements that help you facilitate security endeavors, make reports productively and mine information.