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Never underestimate a fire in a matter of few minutes a small spark can turn in a nightmare destroying everything in its path.  You also cannot solely rely on fire fighters to rescue you and your beloved things from fire as they have to pass through the city traffic and things are getting worse due the ever increasing number of vehicles on road so to be on the safe side install our Fire Hydrant Systems, a fire hydrant system is water distribution system that work along with a pump, piping, water tank with few additional accessories to provide you a blanket to safe guard yourself from fire and at the same time also provide you a window to react and contain the fire. We are a Ludhiana based company having presence all over Punjab, Himachal Pradesh (Baddi) and Gurgoan. We basically deal with two types of Fire Hydrant Systems with the one being Watermist Hydrant System and the other being Hydrant and Spray System and both are very nique in their prospective and thus differentiate us  from any other systems available in the market.

Our portfolios include:-

1) Fire safety equipment supplier

2) Contract and installation work of Fire Hydrant System

SEPL range of Fire Hydrant System

Watermist Hydrant System

Watermist Hydrant System

Powered by revolutionary Watermist technology, these fire fighting systems can take on any kind of fire - even electric.

Hydrant and Sprinklers

Hydrant and Sprinklers

Designed to successfully fight large fires (particularly Class A) in commercial premises such as malls, factories and cinema halls.

Advantages of Fire Hydrant System

  1. Readily available source of Fire Fighting
  2. Quick response during the fire
  3. Self Dependency
  4. Easy to operate

Application of Fire Hydrant Systems

  1. Buildings
  2. Large Warehouses
  3. Chemicals Industry
  4. Textile & Garment Industry
  5. Petrochemicals & Refineries
  6. Ceramics & Stone Processing
  7. Metal Processing
  8. Manufacturing Units


  • Tata Pipes
  • Omex
  • Safex
  • Minimax
  • Tyco
  • Kartar
  • Zoloto
  • Siemens
  • Sant
  • Audco