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Health Care

Redefining Patient And Facility Security

Redefining Patient And Facility Security

  Health Care Solutions

We are specialists inside the social insurance industry and give exhaustive help to a wide range of medicinal services offices in evaluating and tending to their fire and life well being issues. All through the whole human services environment, fire security frameworks and other life well being components are indispensable to guaranteeing those people who are set under an office's care are ensured amid a crisis. SEPL staff helps medicinal services offices in accomplishing consistence with the various neighbourhood, state, and government directions.

  Building Security

We help you manage your benefits and ensure your property, whatever size your office may be. Our structures can screen what proceeds in and around your workplaces. We focus on security so you can focus on the prosperity and wellbeing of your patients and your operations.

  Limited Access

Our accomplished get to control group organizing with the most remarkable security developments with viable frameworks organization limits ensure that people are entered simply through controlled regions on and off the workplace premises, to guarantee any size office

  See/Record Public Areas

SEPL cameras can be introduced all through your structures and watch for all intents and purposes your whole site. We can help your IT division outline an incorporated IP observation arrangement, and work with your security staff to make a best in class summon and control focus.

  Security Of patient and Staff

From little offices to multi-grounds specialist's offices, giving a protected, secure environment for patients and staff inside the prerequisites of today's money related arrangements and headings are a test for every human administrations provider. SEPL offers consolidated security plans that help you cure that test.

  Fire Alarm System

The framework screens the working for smoke, warm, enactment of a manual force station, water stream, and fire supervisory gadgets. The framework sounds a neighbourhood caution and advises the observing station.

  Emergency Alerts

Fire and carbon monoxide acknowledgment sensors can talk with the central station and security workforce to spare lives and property. Besides, solidify gets can quickly summon the most ideal forces to the premises—enhancing patient, staff and visitor security.

  Fire Security System

SEPL also provide you with the fire security system fire hydrants which are must to handle the conditions of fire. Along with it there is a facility of fire sprinkler system which are also use to handle the worst fire conditions.