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When It Comes To Security, You Need A Sure Win

When It Comes To Security, You Need A Sure Win

  Gaming Solutions

Clubhouse around the globe confronts exceptional examination from administrative offices which make a successful and solid reconnaissance and security framework critical. A considerable lot of the business' biggest gaming foundations have set their trust in SEPL as a result of basic execution and consistence. We offer video arrangements that give clear observation of the money rooms, gaming floor, eateries and shops, office regions, and so forth.

  Consistence Support

Our very refined IP and simple cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and insightful video investigation help gaming offices agree to state and tribal regulations. By merging video from observation cameras with our get to control frameworks, we give incorporated frameworks that let you successfully follow up on an alarm, for example, an entryway held open in a basic zone.

  Moment Alarm Communications

Notwithstanding our far reaching security arrangements that ensure inside and border territories, our frenzy/burglary cautions ensure your representatives

and shield your benefits. Furthermore, with GSM/Internet interchanges, alert signs are conveyed to a focal station or your observation group for prompt reaction.

  Screen Public Areas

Our cameras and DVRs ensure the security of representatives and visitors whether they're in like manner territories, retail shops, parking areas, lobbies, or stairwells.

  Money Cage/Count Room

At whatever time there's a lot of money, there's a lot of hazard for robbery and risk to client and worker wellbeing. Every day, more money moves through a gaming office than pretty much whatever other sort of business, so the requirement for a dependable security arrangement is clear. Our Active Alert video investigation coordinates with your video reconnaissance framework to caution you of suspicious conduct and avoid robbery of money.

  Fire Alert System

There is lot of cash and person at casinos and other gaming places. Moreover these are the most smoke prone areas so fire alarms and fire security systems are must at these places to save life of thousands of people SEPL provides you with the fire alarm system and hydrants which are best to handle these kinds of situations of fire.